Billie Holiday (plus) + Puerto Rico (equals) = Lover Man!

by | Oct 22, 2010

I recently read Ewin Martinez’ article on Roger “Ram” Ramirez and couldn’t resist but to post it here on La Clave.

Ewin Martinez is a professor, published author, historian, music collector and a consummate defender of Puerto Rican music.  In the article below, Ewin briefly summarizes the significant contributions that Rogelio “Ram” Ramirez made to American Jazz.

In short, Rogelio Ramirez (known as Roger or “Ram”) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1913. By age 13, he was a member of the American Federation of Musicians and later became a very influential pianist and organist who played in the Jazz scene for over 50 years.

His greatest contribution to Jazz was a song that he authored, which Billie Holiday recorded and made very famous…“Lover Man.”

“Ram” Ramirez played with many Jazz giants including Ella Fitzgerald, Frankie Newton, Hot Lips Page,Charlie Barnet, John Kirby, Sid Catlett, Miles Davis, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, the blues master, T-Bone Walker, pop singer Tom Jones, among many others.

To read Ewin’s article regarding Ram Ramirez, simply click here: “Ram” Ramirez