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I’m David Morales. This page is a collection of articles I have written, stories I refer to in my book, interviews with #GritMachine leaders – all designed to inspire you on your own journey of faith, family and resilience. I hope you’ll take the time to read, watch or listen to these incredible stories.

Webinar with Conexion May 18

Join me for a thought provoking conversation about my book, American Familia: A Memoir of Perseverance, hosted by Conexion. We'll explore my story of growing up in rural poverty in Puerto Rico and urban poverty in the US, detailing hopeful and transformative life lessons that I wish to pass on to...

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Making time to be a great parent

I recently talked with Candice Georgiadis of Authority Magazine as part of her series about “How extremely busy executives make time to be great parents”. We discussed my book, parenting and leadership at home. As Kyle Lamb writes in his book Leadership in the Shadows, "How you train your children...

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Today is the big day

I am humbled to share my new book with you. American Familia Told as a conversation between a father and his two sons, American Familia is my journey of growing up in rural poverty in Puerto Rico and urban poverty in the United States, detailing hopeful and transformative life-lessons along the...

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Grit Machines

In my forthcoming book -American Familia- I dedicated a chapter to Grit Machine DNA.  Grit is one of the foundational tenets of my family’s success. Defined as mental toughness, tenacity or perseverance, grit and a relentless and tenacious mindset has served me well throughout my life and career,...

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Timeless Leadership Interview

In a recent interview with Scott Monty on his podcast Timeless Leadership, I shared key values that shape who I am and enable me to thrive- faith, family, grit and perseverance- as well as my perspective on leadership. In the podcast, Scott and I also discussed: The definition of Empuja and why...

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