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Amazon best sellerAre you part of a book club with a group of friends or family members?

American Familia is a great addition to any book club if you’re looking to have candid conversations around faith, family, education, personal responsibility and grit.

If you’re interested in adding American Familia to your roster, David would love to join in-person or remotely to discuss with the group.


Get a copy of American Familia for your book club today!

If you’re looking for discussion topics to guide your next book club on American Familia, I can help!

Below are some questions to get you started:

  1. How does the author’s life in Puerto Rico shape his experience in the US?
  2. Which key characters influence the author and how?
  3. Do you relate to any particular moments in American Familia? Why?
  4. Think of difficult periods in your own life. How did you persevere?
  5. What are your key take away’s from American Familia?
  6. How do you define the American Dream?
  7. How much of your identity do you connect to your family’s heritage?
  8. When in your life did you have to overcome your own insecurities, and what lessons can you draw from those experiences?
  9. How has your conception of faith, family, and perseverance evolved throughout your life?
  10. How can you apply the lessons in American Familia to your own life, your family, and/or your community?