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American Familia is a raw, inspirational memoir that proves the American Dream is alive and well, if you’re willing to work for it. Part storytelling, part rallying cry, this book delivers a vision of hope for discounted youth that they, too, can transcend their environment and situation and achieve the American Dream.

Told as a conversation between a father and his two sons, American Familia is David’s story of growing up in rural poverty in Puerto Rico and urban poverty in the United States, detailing hopeful and transformative life-lessons along the way. This is also his family’s story—one of faith, grit and empowerment.

David’s story provides guidance on how to overcome challenges in the face of great pressure and gives direction on how to embrace opportunities with grit and personal responsibility.

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“Amazing, moving, and inspirational story of personal responsibility, faith, and resilience.”

— Robert White, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

“David Morales, after college, achieved the highest levels of government and corporate America, working for a historic Black governor and one of the most important Hispanic executives in the country. That’s stunning stuff. He’s now running an important healthcare business as a Latino executive. His story is a tale of survival, learning and self-improvement that all young people, particularly those of color or in poverty, need to listen to and heed.”

— John Wihbey, Associate Professor of Journalism, Northeastern University

“The book provides guidance on how to overcome challenges in the face of great pressure, and gives direction on how to develop purpose in one’s life, connect with people, and embrace opportunities without fear.”

— Lorne Norton, Affordable Housing Development Project Manager, IMPACCT Brooklyn

“I truly enjoyed reading the book, and found myself completely captivated by the story by about the tenth page. I read the book in two sittings—the style allows for a great learning opportunity and an enjoyable reading experience.”

— Tim Ryan, Director of Athletics, Bowdoin College