Grit Machine DNA Interviews

These interviews are designed to inspire you on your own journey of faith, family and resilience. I hope you’ll take the time to read, watch or listen to these incredible stories.

Grit Machine DNA: Samanda Morales

We’re back for our 2023 season with a bang.  This episode features the incredible Samanda Morales. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Samanda is a living testament to the adage that hard work and perseverance always pay huge dividends.  Entrepreneur, founder,...

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Grit Machine DNA: Stacy Ennis

On this episode of Grit Machine DNA we speak with Stacy Ennis, one of the most inspirational people I have met on my life journey. Stacy is an entrepreneur, incredibly successful author, and trailblazer. Along with my wife Samanda, Stacy was one of the key people who...

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Grit Machine DNA: Eric J. DiNoto

This episode of Grit Machine DNA features Colonel Eric J. DiNoto. Father, husband and entrepreneur, Eric wears many hats. He serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics for the Massachusetts Army National Guard, he is co-founder of Regimental Whiskey, an adjunct...

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Grit Machine DNA: Skip Soderholm

On this Grit Machine DNA episode we talk with Skip Soderholm, one of the most powerful, yet humble Americans I know. A father, husband, retired Special Forces veteran and now entrepreneur, Skip embodies resilience and perseverance.  Today, Skip is the COO of Red...

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Grit Machine DNA: Patrick McNamara

On this Grit Machine DNA episode we interview Patrick McNamara, the President of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.  A force of nature, Patrick is a veteran of the US Army where he completed US Army Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder and Ranger school and...

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Grit Machine DNA: Karim Gibson

On this episode of Grit Machine DNA I talk with Karim Gibson, a classmate of mine at Lynn Classical High School.  “Mr. Gibson” is one of the many success stories from my high school.   He was -and remains- one of the most caring, humble and intelligent people I grew...

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