Grit Machine DNA Interviews

These interviews are designed to inspire you on your own journey of faith, family and resilience. I hope you’ll take the time to read, watch or listen to these incredible stories.

Grit Machine DNA: David Dempsey

Coach David Dempsey, the epitome of servant leadership Listen to the full podcast here.  Coach Dempsey was my high school football coach and continues to serve as my lifelong mentor. Along with my father, Coach Dempsey taught me how to be accountable, how to serve...

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Grit Machine DNA

2022 will be a great year. While there are many personal and professional reasons why I am bullish on 2022, I will highlight three reasons (three projects) that excite me for the year ahead… 1. Ahora Inc.  Along with Samanda and a few friends who all built their way...

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