Grit Machine DNA: Liseth J. Velez

by | Apr 24, 2023

This episode of Grit Machine DNA features Liseth J. Velez.  A wonderful example of the American dream, Liseth is an immigrant from Colombia who continues to thrive by creating new opportunities with resilience, tenacity, grit and passion for excellence.

Liseth is a bold entrepreneur who wears many hats.  She served in the Air and Army National Guard, founded LJV Development, a very successful construction company, and is also an ardent supporter of educational opportunities for others.

In fact, Liseth is a very public advocate for US Veterans and students. As a BunkerLabs Ambassador, Liseth supports military veterans and spouses in their pursuit of growing their businesses. As part of her service to students in their early career exploration, she Co-Founded the nonprofit organization, LIT Conversations. LIT helps inspire student success and career readiness by developing conversational skills.

A genuine trailblazer, Liseth will inspire you with her tenacity, passion, love of country and her desire to serve.

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