Grit Machine DNA: Samanda Morales

by | Jan 23, 2023

We’re back for our 2023 season with a bang.  This episode features the incredible Samanda Morales.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Samanda is a living testament to the adage that hard work and perseverance always pay huge dividends.  Entrepreneur, founder, angel investor, certified personal finance consultant and money coach, Samanda is a giant among giants.

Her journey from the Dominican Republic to the US and her remarkable achievements as a first-generation immigrant is a powerful example of the importance of faith, family, grit and perseverance.

In addition to her work as an entrepreneur and financial coach, she is a Trustee and graduate of Salem State University, a member of the North Shore Chamber’s board of directors, an active THRIVE Advisory Council member and also serves as a board member of Bethany Congregational Church in Lynn, MA.

When Samanda is not managing money, helping others manage their money, or mentoring young adults, she spends time with her husband and their two sons.

Listen to the full podcast: