Grit Machine DNA: Tony Negron

by | May 15, 2022

In this episode of Grit Machine DNA we chat with Tony Negron, a retired 26-year Air Force Pararescueman who has a passion for helping veterans find their purpose post-service and is the embodiment of faith, family and grit.

He is a dedicated father and husband who is happily married to an incredible wife and has raised four incredible sons. How to balance family and business? Tony says you have to prioritize and make sacrifices. Two of his quotes that really stuck with me are: “You go in the direction where you decide you want to go.” and “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable if you want grow.”

In addition to serving as President of S.E.I. a New Hampshire-based Special Operations Force training company, he is also a board member for the Pararescue Foundation, and co-founder of another New Hampshire-based company Fusion Cell – which connects employers around the country with veteran workforce talent.

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