Grit Machine DNA

by | Dec 29, 2021

2022 will be a great year.

While there are many personal and professional reasons why I am bullish on 2022, I will highlight three reasons (three projects) that excite me for the year ahead…

1. Ahora Inc. 

ahora money logoAlong with Samanda and a few friends who all built their way out of poverty, we co-founded Ahora Inc.  A powerful social enterprise, we founded Ahora to make financial health and long-term wealth a reality for everyone. Ahora enhances access to financial wellness tools, strong money management practices, and wealth-building for all Americans through financial coaching and a proprietary online tool.

The need is especially great for groups who do not have ready access to wealth-building guidance, tools, or personal financial management resources.  Through Ahora, we will empower individuals and families to take control of their personal financial well-being. In this time of so much uncertainty and financial hardship, we know that the link between financial stress and health has been amplified by the pandemic.

We are excited to announce the launch of our unique online personalized financial management tool in January 2022. I hope you will join us by investing in a future where financial success and wealth can be a reality for everyone.  Tax-deductible contributions can be made here.

2. Grit Machine DNA

grit machine dna podcast logoNext month I am launching a podcast called Grit Machine DNA.  In the podcast, we will interview Americans who have overcome great challenges and have achieved powerful outcomes that benefit others.

The goal of the podcast is twofold…the first goal is to inspire to think bigger, to dream big, and to hear from others who did just that and achieved incredible things.  The second goal of the podcast is to introduce people to the silent heroes -our neighbors- who are doing powerful things without fanfare and whose lives offer us lessons and values we can all learn from.   Remarkable people live among us and each of us has the ability to do incredible things if we live by the right values (faith, family, grit) and focus on putting God first.

3. American Familia

american familia bookMy new book – American Familia, a Memoir of Perseverance- launches in February.  Told as a conversation between me and my two sons, my forthcoming book shares my story of growing up in rural poverty in Puerto Rico and urban poverty in the United States, detailing painful, hopeful, and transformative experiences along the way. It’s also my family’s story: one of faith, grit, and empowerment.

Part memoir, part rallying cry, this book encourages anyone with a vision of hope that they, too, can transcend their environment and situation and achieve the American dream. My history serves as an example that anyone can achieve more, be more, and become more with faith, family and grit.

See you in 2022… ¡Empuja!