Grit Machines

by | Jan 27, 2022

In my forthcoming book –American Familia– I dedicated a chapter to Grit Machine DNA Grit is one of the foundational tenets of my family’s success.

Defined as mental toughness, tenacity or perseverance, grit and a relentless and tenacious mindset has served me well throughout my life and career, especially during my younger years growing up in Puerto Rico and on the streets of Lynn, MA.

Grit is also part of the American fabric and our American heritage.  Along with faith, grit is a character trait that propelled people like George Washington, one of our nation’s founding fathers, to succeeding against Britain against all odds during the American Revolutionary War.

Grit was a key ingredient in helping Sister Rosetta Tharpe transform the electric guitar during the 1940’s and 1950’s – way before Chuck Berry or Jimi Hendrix.  Grit was also paramount to Major Richard “Dick” Winters as he led Easy Company of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, during some of the most grueling battles of World War II.

There are thousands of Americans like them who throughout our nation’s history have served as incredible models of what I call Grit Machine DNA.  

I truly believe that faith, family and grit are essential ingredients to success and that ANYONE can transcend their environment, personal circumstances—and achieve more, be more, and become more in America so long as they hold these values and a relentless determination to thrive.  

For more stories of Grit, check out my podcast and video series, Grit Machine DNA, stories of leadership, resilience and hope to inspire you.

See you soon… ¡ Empuja!