Reflecting on my values this Thanksgiving – faith, family and grit

by | Nov 24, 2021

With the upcoming release of my new book, American Familia, I wanted to take time this Thanksgiving holiday to reflect on the values and blessings that drive my everyday life.

Growing up in a poor, mountainous region of Puerto Rico, I had no idea I would end up where I am today— an executive shaping the future of health care, a father to two incredible sons and now, an author of a book about my family’s journey to better.

But of all the accolades, awards, or incredible projects and endeavors I am a part of, my greatest legacy is my two sons. My sons will carry on the values that my family instilled in me: faith, family and grit. These three pillars shape who I am, and they are the core elements that define my very being. Here is why:

    1. Faith: Defined as a strong belief in God, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. My faith is my foundation. My wife Samanda is my tangible example of what faith in God looks like. She lives it, breathes it and exudes it every day.
    2. Family: My family has acted as my classroom since my youngest days. My father, Antonio Morales, a man of few words, demonstrates daily what it means to be a loving father and husband, and a real man. My mother, Ana Morales, has been the glue of our family. She is selfless, fierce, and her love of her family has been the secret sauce that has kept us together as a tight unit. My siblings, Diana, Dan, and Dwayne are my arms and legs. And my wife and kids are my soul.
    3. Grit: Defined as mental toughness, tenacity, perseverance, grit is the fiber that defines my approach and mindset to the projects, initiatives or problems I face. A relentless, fearless, tenacious mindset has served me well, especially during my younger years growing up in Puerto Rico and the streets of Lynn, MA.

My forthcoming book, American Familia, encourages anyone who feels discounted that they too, can transcend their environment, personal circumstances—and achieve more, be more, and become more.

Also, look for my upcoming podcast and video series, Grit Machine DNA, stories of leadership, resilience and hope to inspire you. In the series, I interview incredible people who have overcome huge challenges and whose lives and experiences offer direction on how to embrace hope and face your own circumstances with grit and personal responsibility.

See you soon…


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