I grew up hearing the word empuja used by my father, my mother, my grandfather, my uncles and my brothers to describe what we had to do to overcome any obstacle, anywhere, AT ANY TIME.

The word empuja is part of my Grit Machine DNA that clearly describes my daily mindset. And this hat reminds me of that every day.

Faith, Family, Grit

Faith, Family, Grit

Faith, family and grit were values instilled in me by my family. And these three pillars shape who I am, and they are the core elements that define my very being.


  1. Faith: Defined as a strong belief in God, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. My faith is my foundation.
  2. Family: My family has acted as my classroom since my youngest days.
  3. Grit: Defined as mental toughness, tenacity, perseverance, grit is the fiber that defines my approach and mindset to the projects, initiatives or problems I face.